Whilst living in the midlands over several decades Graham has collaborated with a host of well established and talented musicians, the most significant being Ian Hill (sax), Richard Baker (trombone), David Williams (guitar), Roy Forbes (vocal), Sheila Waterfield (vocal). He has played on a total of twelve CDs, seven of which he also recorded and produced at his home studio.   

During the period 2007- 2015 Graham led his own contemporary jazz quintet, Jucamaya, featuring his own compositions and arrangements. His original music features melodies that are memorable, stylish and in tune with the jazz tradition, but have a distinctly modern edge with a dash of quirkiness occasionally. The band recorded two CDs, Thinking of Joe (2008) and Curious Terrain (2009), both of which have been well received by jazz audiences and the musician community alike. Here are a couple of audio tracks. There are more tracks on the Jucamaya CDs page on this website ..... or better still, visit  www.jucamaya.com.  
  Graham Dent      jazz pianist
Reaching Beyond (Dent)
Curious Terrain (Dent)
Graham has also performed on and produced four other CDs in recent years:
I Wish You LoveSheila Waterfield (vocals) and Graham Dent Quintet, 2013
Grateful Hands, duo with guitarist David Williams, 2011
Personal Freeway, Graham Dent solo album, 2007 
Last Orders, Roy Forbes (vocals) and Fresco jazz quartet, 2005.

There are numerous video clips of Graham playing piano on YouTube. Just search for Roy Forbes or Jucamaya and you will find performances at The Stirrup Cup (near Kettering).   

Graham is open for business with regard to forming suitable bands for your events .... pub gigs, restaurants, parties, weddings, etc. To book a band, or have some jazz piano lessons please contact him by email at info@grahamdent.com or ring 07719-906307.  Go to Graham Dent at Bandcamp for CD or download purchases.

ADDENDUM:  The coronavirus brought live gigs to a halt. However during lockdown a little musical adventure took place between Graham and local singer and poet Dee Way. Dee has been writing numerous poems which Graham put to music. Here is a taster of the collaboration. This is a short song called Springtime which might bring you a little extra cheer. Enjoy.
Welcome to the Graham Dent website!  Graham is a modern jazz pianist (and occasional guitarist) who relocated from Rugby to Frome in Somerset in 2016. He quickly established himself within the West Country jazz community.
Graham has a monthly gig on the 3rd Sunday of the month at The Cornerhouse in Frome at which he features a instrumentalist or singer to guest with his trio. A recent gig featured local trumpeter John Plaxton playing with Graham's trio (Adrian Smith on bass and Greg White on drums). Here is a taster track from the live gig on 20 November 2022. 

Hazel Nut (Dent)
In 2017 the Graham Dent Trio recorded a CD titled In the Genes, mainly of original music. Ralf Dorrell was on double bassist and the drum seat was taken by Rob Brian. The album theme is a personal celebration of Graham's six grandchildren, two of whom have recently started to learn the piano. Go to Latest CDs page for more details.  Here is one of the tracks, as a taster.

Graham also has regular gigs at Il Fiume Italian Restaurant in Bradford on Avon (by the river Avon) where he plays a mix of standards and his original compositions. On the 2nd Tuesday of the month his piano/bass/drums trio perform there and on some occasions a guest vocalist is invited to come and sing. This stylish eating place with wonderful food has an atmosphere that is friendly and relaxed, so come and give your support on the jazz nights.

Bemsha Swing (Thelonious Monk)
John Plaxton +Graham Dent Trio
Springtime (Way, Dent)
During the coronavirus lockdown Graham collaborated online with bassist Adrian Smith, and over the last two years they have recorded over 100 tracks on their home studio gear. Most are piano/double bass duo recordings of standards and some originals, but some tracks incorporate Graham playing sitar and tabla as well as keyboard. A double album called Inspiring Detour has just been released. Purchase of the CD or downloads are possible on Graham Dent on Bandcamp. Go to Latest CDs for more details and there is more lockdown music on the Lockdown page.       
Over recent months Graham has been collaborating with saxophonist Nick Sorensen. Along with Adrian Smith on double bass and Greg White on drums their newly formed quartet has performed several successful gigs. Here is an audio sample from a gig at Stourton Hall in November 2021.   
Memories of Tomorrow (Keith Jarrett)
Nick Sorensen Quartet